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"This is an excellent, introductory financial book. It is useful and comprehensive, covering all the relevant financial topics. It is particularly valuable to newly married couples, but can be a valuable and useful resource for anyone who needs direction in the areas of saving, investing, budgeting, insurance and so forth. One of my favorite lines in the book is the author's response to a lady who asks when she will get to spend the money she is being asked to save, and Ed responds, "Maybe never, if done correctly." That is exactly right and is the result of following these 7 Simple Steps to get to the place where 'money is working for you.'" --Michael G. Sklar, Professor of Management Science and Information Systems, Rutgers University

"The Missouri Bankers Association has worked with Ed for years to promote financial literacy. His new book reflects his passion to help people with their finances and the information in the book can be of great benefit to readers in all areas of personal finance." --Max Cook, President, Missouri Bankers Association

"My audience loves Ed's financial advice. Listeners have called in on a number of occasions to say his advice has changed their lives." --Barry Birr, News Director, KFEQ Radio

"Ed's financial instruction is easy to follow and motivates people to action. I have invited him to speak to our freshman students for the past six years." --Tom Billesbach, Dean of the Melvin and Valorie Booth College of Business and Professional Studies, Northwest Missouri State University

"Ed is a leader in financial literacy education. He has lectured our students for the last several years, and we have asked him to consider teaching a class on financial literacy at our college." --David Sallee, President, William Jewell College

"As President of the 50 States Marathon Club, I appreciate Ed's powerful and effective comparison of the various parts of a marathon to the steps involved in financial freedom." --Tom Adair, President, 50 States Marathon Club

"Ed's interest in running marathons and his expertise in finances make a great combination. As a marathon runner and banker, I am pleased to see the two brought together in a way that can help people understand how to succeed financially." --Bill Young, Chairman, Citizens Bancshares and former president of the American Running Association

"Douglas sprints through the basics to prepare you for the marathon that is financial success. This book will teach you how to plan for your financial future, one step at a time." --Mike Norris, Vice President of the Kansas Bankers Association

"Ed was a panelist on my PBS Show 'Making Your Kid a Millionaire.' He has written a practical guide to financial freedom. Let his years of experience show you the right steps and allow you to avoid the pitfalls on your own financial journey." --Dennis McCuistion Host and Executive Producer, McCuistion

"As one who has never run a marathon but only observed and been impressed by the preparation and commitment to complete the 26.2 miles, so too I was impressed, inspired, and educated by Mr. Douglas's simple steps to run the money marathon and cross the line to financial success. Douglas, an avid runner and financial consultant, correlates the two fields as he shares his experiences in an easy-to-apply 'how-to manual.'"  "Rose Lee Davis, Retired English teacher

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